WH300 – Historic District of Old Québec

Nov 042012

This weekend, I:

  • visited my 32nd World Heritage Site (#300 of 962, the Historic District of Old Québec). Only 930 still to see.
  • Walked around 25km in around 9 hours. New boots and no blisters – good purchase!
  • Took 270 photographs of which I ended up liking 48 enough to share. Had lots of trouble with focus this weekend. Light poor (drizzle + overcast) and using 90mm which means trade-off among ISO (graininess), shutter speed (motion blur) and aperture (depth-of-field). Not helped by icy wind, which means cold fumbly hands and watery blurry eyes  I think I understand now why so many photographers prefer the tropics (hi Simon).
  • Walked past 47 of 48 of the Attraits Touristique on page 55 of the Ulysse Guide to Ville de Québec, 20 of 27 of the ones on page 71, and 11 of 16 on page 77,
  • Climbed 310 steps on the Governors’ Promenade and an unknown number between the lower town and the upper town,
  • Drank 1 Starbucks caramel latte brule,
  • Had an excellent dinner at Le Petit Beni, and
  • Rode 1 funicular (up).

I am a bit tired and my feet hurt, but I have had a lovely weekend (except possibly for the latte which was too sweet and not nearly coffee enough).