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Mar 042014

old-map-281Back in 2007, I invented the country game. I have recently been reminded of it by two things – an impending visit to a new country, and the two nice young Perth ladies on My Kitchen Rules who say they have been to 42 countries.

The principle of the game is to see who has visited the most countries. I defined a set of rules back then, but the world has changed, so I am making a few adjustments:

  • England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales count as one country.

I have reconsidered this in light of recent events in Scotland. Scotland is now a separate country, but only if you visit after the referendum.

  • You have to have left the airport for the country to count. Note that being stuck overnight in an airport hotel does not count (there goes Denmark).

I am amending the rule to allow 0.1 of a country if you have spent at least two hours in transit in that country. This allows me to add Switzerland, Thailand, Senegal, Denmark and South Korea to the list.

  • Gibraltar, however, only counts as one because it’s too small to bother with.

To be fair, it really should be two countries, but I haven’t been there anyway.

Tibet is still a country. Ukraine is wobbling. I wonder lately if Australia deserves to be a country anymore…

Anyway, as of Saturday night, I am up to 23.5 countries.



  2 Responses to “The country game reprised”

  1. Do you have a scoresheet for other competitors?

  2. Scoresheet coming (when I have time)

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